It’s Time You Heard About Keybase

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I’m always on the lookout for ways to de-Google my life as much as possible. I came across Keybase last year. Little bit by little bit I’ve been exploring more of what they have to offer. Not too many people have heard about or use Keybase. It started out as a way to verify your online identity. This way I know that the person I am communicating with online is the same person on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and so on. It is a much better system than any single social media company has put forth to date. Besides the great way to verify people’s different online identities there are two other great reasons for using Keybase: storage capacity and Keybase Pages.

Keybase is giving out 250gb of storage right now. That’s yours to do with as you please. Do you know how much storage you have on your computer? I have a decade old machine and it also has 250gb. This is way more than the measly 15gb Google gives you for “free”!

On top of the amount given Keybase isn’t going to sell you data because they don’t want to sell anyone’s data. They will introduce payment plans in the future if you need more than 250gb of space . That option will be beneficial for some, but I imagine 250gb being plenty for the majority of people.

It is also easy to access because your Keybase folder mounts as an external drive on your computer. This makes it easy to transfer files from your computer to your Keybase drive. Since it mounts as an external drive there is no syncing involved. So, no matter how many devices you have Keybase installed on your will never have to sync them between your devices. Inside the /keybase folder you can place things in /private or /public. Private stays private either for yourself or if you are sharing a folder with others. Your public folder is accessible by anyone who goes to your profile on the Keybase website. Check out my public folder here. You can download anything from my public folder, but Keybase set it up so that you can’t change any of my files. This is my website using Keybase pages.

If you’re worried about Keybase knowing too much information about you then I would put more items in your /private folder. The Keybase servers can read everything in your /public folder. That makes sense because the /public folder is accessible for anyone to view and download if they wish. In the /private folder the only info available is metadata. The Keybase server can tell what top level folder you’re in, when you’re writing and reading data, and how much data. Keybase will not be able to know what actual files are in there or how big or small each individual file is. This security is much better than anything Google or Dropbox can give you. This is too good of an opportunity to pass on.

Since your /public folder is viewable by the public it is a great way to host you own website. It can only serve static web pages so keep that in mind. There are plenty of templates available to use for static HTML web pages. I like to use ones over at Once you alter the index.html file to suit your needs copy all the files and folders you downloaded to your public folder. Now you will have your very own website using your /public folder from Keybase. It’s not as user friendly as running a website from Wordpress or other big name web hosts. What makes it worth it is that it’s free, works well and it comes with all the other perks of being a Keybase user. Keybase encrypts all pages with certs from LetsEncrypt. You can use your own domain for your Keybase page if you wish.

Do yourself a favour and check it out. Look me up when you do and give me a shout.

I write about technology, faith, and a smattering of other subjects.

I write about technology, faith, and a smattering of other subjects.