Men need models and are drawn to models of Godly masculinity who speak as normal men do in unspiritual environments.

I don’t recall Jesus using toilet humor or talking about penises the way most “masculine men” in our society do. Maybe that was in an apocryphal writing I’m not familiar with.

I also recall Jesus loving people no matter where they were at in life. And even Paul said that we are one in Jesus and there is no man, woman, slave, or free.

I think your teachings (based on this writing) do fit the American church paradigm, at least Midwestern paradigm, and you are just trying to fill your coffers by appealing to the dominant culture.

Then again maybe I’m wrong. Maybe in the world to come it will be filled with men doing great masculine feats and focusing on themselves because they are the greatest creation ever. Let the toilet humor commence!

I write about technology, faith, and a smattering of other subjects.

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