Connect Phoenix Wallet to your Umbrel Node

I have written about what Umbrel did in the Bitcoin node space. They have upped their game since I wrote that in their recent v0.3.0 release. There is a thorough write up about it here. Needless to say they have changed the landscape in running your own node. This is a very good thing because we have now entered a different phase in Bitcoin adoption and we should start better understanding how to use it. So, hopefully you have an Umbrel node up and running. They have a wide variety of wallets you can connect to your node and this article will focus on connecting your Phoenix wallet to your Umbrel.

This is good to see when I start up my wallet!

Phoenix is a lightning first wallet. So, this would be a good wallet to use for spending some Sats for small daily purchases or for tipping people. Do not hold a lot of funds on this wallet. Do remember that this wallet does not control the lightning funds on your Umbrel. It is not a remote control lightning wallet app like Zap or Zeus are. This wallet is made for people who are new to using Bitcoin, especially for day-to-day payments, and for those who do not want to do all the admin work of running a lightning node. A good detailed write up of the Why? and the How? can be found in their blog post here.

So, if this doesn’t control my lightning wallet funds on my Umbrel node then why connect the wallet to my node? Good question. You should still connect this wallet to your node because you can configure Phoenix to use your own Electrum server, which is in your Umbrel node, to watch the blockchain and monitor your channels. This significantly reduces your dependency on third parties to secure your wallet.

How to connect to Umbrel

When you open up Phoenix click on the settings wheel at the bottom of the screen.

Next you will need click on the Tor option and choose to enable Tor to run. Then go back to the setting list and click on the Electrum Server option.

You will then be shown stats from the Electrum server the wallet is currently connected to. To change the server click on the Set Server button in the Server section. By default the servers you would be connected to would be from ACINQ, the creators of the Phoenix wallet.

Click on the box for choosing a custom server. Now you will need copy the Umbrel server information for your Bitcoin wallet. So, click on the Bitcoin tab in your Umbrel dashboard and click on the horizontal triple dots and choose Connect Wallet.

Choose Phoenix from the dropdown menu. Copy the address at the bottom and paste it into Phoenix.

***After you paste it in Phoenix scroll to the last bit of the address you copied. You will need to delete the :t after the port number for this to work. ***

Now you have your Phoenix wallet synced to your own Umbrel node. Good Job! If you need help with Umbrel be sure to join their Telegram group and there will be many people who can help you out.

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