I have a problem with getting pictures and videos off of my phone. I briefly described that scenario elsewhere, but I want to show you how I am able to do that more efficiently than plugging my phone into my desktop and transferring them via the USB cable. This example will show how to do this from an Android phone to a Linux computer.

Nothing quite like a terminal on your phone (source: gauravssnl.wordpress.com)

I run Ubuntu on my home desktop (Yeah, I’m one of the 1-3% of people who do this). I also like to tinker and learn new things on the computer so I quickly became comfortable with…

The start of the easy Bitcoin node setup.

If you get into Bitcoin it won’t be long before someone mentions that you should be running a full node.

Don’t trust. Verify.

If you haven’t heard that phrase yet give it time. It means that you are validating every Bitcoin transaction that has, or will ever, exit. No more relying on some third-party to tell you everything is legit. …

Normally you would have to click through a few GUI buttons to fetch some system information. With Termux you just have to type one word: neofetch.

Look at that cute little guy!

Now I will admit this is a very geeky and a niche way to get some of your system info. The point of doing this via the command line is that it is much quicker to get the information you need then trying to get to the right tab via the GUI. What’s above in the picture isn’t all the information you can get. …

I have written about what Umbrel did in the Bitcoin node space. They have upped their game since I wrote that in their recent v0.3.0 release. There is a thorough write up about it here. Needless to say they have changed the landscape in running your own node. This is a very good thing because we have now entered a different phase in Bitcoin adoption and we should start better understanding how to use it. So, hopefully you have an Umbrel node up and running. …

Smartphones, a.k.a. phones because the vast majority produced are of the smart variety, have taken over as the de facto device people use as a daily computer. For a large portion of the people on this planet it is their only computer. So, why not try and do things with it that we normally save for larger desktop computers?

A computer with a screen that fits in (most) pants pockets. Photo by Lorenzo Rui on Unsplash

Cell phones, I’m sorry I mean phones, have advanced greatly in a short amount of time. I personally did not get my first phone until around 2014. At the time I didn’t have a legitimate reason for owning one. Actually I…

How many people’s desktop look this clean? Mine looks like I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Photo by MORAN on Unsplash

I am horrible at sorting my photos. I usually leave all the pictures on my phone until I either reach my storage limit or buy a new phone. So, when either of those two instances arise I copy all of my files into a folder on my desktop computer titled Need to Sort. I know I could just upload them to Google Drive, but I’m not going to. I don’t want to give Google everything.

When I say copy I mean I take my charging cord and plug it into my desktop computer and transfer my pictures off my phone…

There are so many ways to learn python. A simple search will give you lots of good links to various courses, tutorials, or online books to follow to learn Python. There is no shortage of material online to help get you started.

The hard part has been in finding an easy way to learn python on mobile without having to download an app with ads baked in. I understand that developers need to eat, I’m not against that, but I would much rather pay for an app, or make a donation, then be bombarded with ads. Also, I don’t know…

1 Timothy 2:1–7

“man in black pants and pair of brown leather lace-up shoes sitting on brown carpeted stairs inside room” by Ben White on Unsplash

I wrote this reflection for a Sunday in Ordinary time in 2016

First of all, then, I ask that requests, prayers, petitions, and thanksgiving be made for all people. Paul doesn’t want our prayers to be self-centered. By using four different, but equivalent, words for prayer Paul really wants us to be fully focused on the welfare of others. Even our political leaders! I think his heart is in the right place concerning that last bit, but I’m not so sure.

His idea is that if we pray for our leaders then an environment where people can live quiet and…

James 5:7–10

“shallow focus photography of red candle” by Lukas Langrock on Unsplash

I wrote this reflection during Advent of 2016.

The season of Advent focuses on having patience and waiting on the coming of the Lord. So, when we read this passage from James it seems to fit seamlessly in with the season. Without putting the reading into it’s full context, we could gather the obvious counsel to be that during this time of year we should be in a state of waiting and patience. For example, on an individual level this could translate into being more patient with family members and life happenings. I’m sure I’m not the only one that…

What life is like for the majority of people

“person lying on lounge chair facing at the swimming pool” by Ricardo Richter on Unsplash

I’ve just started using Pocket and what has been nice is the variety of articles it shows me. I would not normally read articles from Forbes or Business Insider, or the like, but this click bait title hooked me for some reason.

If you read the Reddit commentary on this article you will see that people are focusing on the actual numbers being thrown around in the article. It’s good to get into the weeds sometimes to make sure the details add up correctly. So, kudos for the redditors for taking that angle.

My main takeaway from this article is…

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